About Us

“We have had a vision of The Butcher & Grocer having a leading role in a restaurant and now we are there. CLEAVER will source exclusively from Ohio farmers and makers whenever possible for our meat-centric menu. We are excited and with COVID-19, we will probably have the longest soft opening of any restaurant in the history of restaurants,” says co-owner Matt Evans.

Jay Kleven, most recently the Executive Chef of Rockmill Tavern, will be leading the culinary team for CLEAVER. “I’m beyond excited for this opportunity. Tony and Matt share a common vision for the restaurant, and it is one I believe in as well. Sustainability, using Ohio product at the peak of freshness and focusing on using everything the product provides us from tail to snout and from root to leaf,” Kleven said.

“It’s a crazy and exciting time to be in the restaurant business and we believe people still want to go out and have a nice dinner. Dinner Party provides that opportunity in a very secured environment. We’ve had great success with these types of events at The Butcher & Grocer and now we can do it here,” according to co-owner Tony Tanner said.